Music video starring Kenna James. Lesbian anal pleasure


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184   9 months ago
Sammie Daniels and Kenna James enjoy mutual masturbation in the bedroom as they look at each other as their hands slide under her panties. Finally, Sammie can't take the anticipation anymore, so she calls out to Kenna and the girls launch into sexual action as they strip off their bras and thongs. he groans her approval. The spinner's moans soon grow longer and louder as Kenna continues the sweet massage as she keeps her lover's mouth occupied with many kisses. When Sammie is nice and wet, Kenan takes things one step further by pressing a finger into her slippery pussy. His blows get faster with each thrust, but that's not enough to satisfy Sammie. The swivel rises on her hands and knees, which leaves her pussy and anus open for Kenna's enjoyment. Kenna knows exactly what to do, pressing a vibrator deep into Sammie's ass as he uses his thumb to keep fingering Sammie's clit like his favorite instrument. Soon, Sammie can't contain herself anymore and explodes in ecstasy. After exchanging a kiss, the girls change things. Now that she's in charge, Sammie lies on her stomach between Kenna's tanned legs and enjoys a leisurely pussy feast that leaves Kenna's back arched and her entire body shaking. Between her magical mouth and her talented hands rubbing Kenna's clit, Sammie quickly brings Kenna to the climax she craves. Now that they are both satisfied, the girls seal their lovemaking with a kiss as they enjoy an embrace in the afterglow.

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