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Charming and sensual Lorena runs into her girlfriend Iwia engrossed in a book, and instead of leaving her wife alone, Lorena decides to see if Iwia might be interested in something a little more sensual than reading. After some sweet and soft kisses, Lorena works her way down Iwia's body with gentle touches of her lips as she slowly removes her lover's panties. Now that she has discovered the soft, wet object of her interest, Lorena wastes no time burying her face in Iwia's runway cunt and using quick, deft strokes of her tongue to accelerate the Iwia's heart After a few delicious moments, Lorena goes upstairs. her womanly body to continue kissing as they each reach down to rub each other's needy wet pussies. Even through her thong, Lorena loves the feel of Iwia's fingers running up and down her slit. Wanting to give her lover more, Iwia helps Lorena to her knees so she can pull down her lady's thong and go to town burying her tongue in Lorena's exposed hole. Unable to contain her moans of pleasure or her swaying hips, Lorena closes her eyes in pleasure and enjoys the ride until her gasps of completion fill the room. The girls switch places so Iwia can enjoy the full pussy licking Lorena hinted at earlier. Feeling nice and relaxed from her recent orgasm, Lorena is all about pleasuring her lover as she moves her clever tongue up and down Iwia's slippery slit and zeroes in on her tight clit. When Iwia's pussy juices start flowing, Lorraine takes advantage by thrusting a finger deep into the tight smoothness of her sheath. Soon she slides in a second finger and then begins a hard penetration of her pussy where she thrusts with one hand and rubs her lover's clit with the other. Such intense attention quickly brings Iwia to a climax that shakes her body. Lorena, the sex-starved student that she is, is not satisfied with just one orgasm! Resuming her place in the chair, Lorena spreads her legs so Iwia can get back to work with her magical tongue and bring her woman to the brink of ecstasy. Using her soft, wet mouth and then her stiff fingers, Iwia finally achieves her sensual goal, much to Lorena's delight. As the two girls come down from their orgasmic heights, they enjoy snuggling together as they exchange sweet kisses that gradually bring their lovemaking to an end. .

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