Free trailer with Kiara Cole. The stepsister says that she fuck him


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Kiara Cole is in the middle of getting dressed when her stepbrother Kyle Mason barges in to see if she has her car keys. Kiara lies about it, but Kyle sees them right there. They wrestle on the bed, Kyle's hands gripping Kiara's tits and her cock grazing her ass. As they part, Kiara points to Kyle's boner. Her response is to push her stepsister forward, pull her thong to one side of her and push her stiff balls deep into her greedy snatch. Kiara points out that just because she told Kyle she could do it last night doesn't mean she can do it whenever she wants. However, she doesn't want her older brother to stop fucking her. Fully immersed, Kiara moans as she deeply enjoys Kyle's big member as he continues to give it to her from behind her. When Kyle cums without turning her on, Kiara is mad! With her ass still covered in Kyle's cum, Kiara berates him for being so selfish. Her struggle attracts the attention of Kyle's mother. They make up an excuse that causes her to leave, which interrupts their argument long enough for Kiara to stop being angry. She pulls Kyle over to start sucking his cock so he can get it hard and ready for round two. Once Kiara has gotten Kyle horny again, she tucks him into bed so she can climb aboard and ride her dick with her cum covered ass bouncing. Rolling onto her back, Kiara spreads her thighs so Kyle can give it to her properly. Reaching down, she rubs her clit as her big stepbrother gives her a big O. A minute later, when Kyle is ready to explode again, Kiara urges him to cum on her. Kyle complies, but then tells Kiara that she still won't get the car keys.

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