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American Nikki Nutz has a new European family since her father remarried. She has traveled from the United States to visit Verónica Leal, her new stepsister. When Nikki arrives, she meets not only Veronica, but also her friend Zazie. It's immediately obvious that there are sparks between the girls and Nikki, but Veronica tries to hold back because she thinks it's weird being with her brother. However, as soon as Nikki realizes that she has a chance, she makes the decision to pursue the two girls to make her threesome dreams come true. Nikki gets a chance at her when the girls join him in two hot dresses. With encouragement from Nikki, the girls turn around and flash their asses. Even skirts are lifted for him. Nikki makes her move on Zazie first, pulling her in for a kiss. Veronica refuses to kiss Nikki, but will kiss her friend. Nikki is nice and hard after seeing the girls make out, so Zazie makes him sit on the couch. Taking a seat next to Nikki, Zazie spreads her thighs so Veronica can eat her while Zazie strokes and sucks on Nikki's cock. Veronica isn't ready to commit to fucking her stepbrother yet, so Zazie lays down with her head on Veronica's belly and Nikki buried between her thighs. Veronica can certainly commit to masturbating while she watches her best friend get fucked! Turns out Veronica doesn't want to miss out on the fun. Finally, they convince her to try Nikki's shit stick. Zazie even joins her for a double blowjob! Then, Veronica finally gets a chance to ride her hot stepbrother as she continues to dine on Zazie's boot. When Zazie comes aboard for a cowgirl ride, Veronica plays with her girlfriend. s clitoris to make sure she feels good. Veronica then lies on her side with Nikki snuggled up behind her and Zazie licking her clit to help her come. After sucking Veronica's juices out of Nikki's stiff shaft, Zazie rolls over onto her hands and knees to take him doggy style as he dives in with Veronica. Mutually sated, the girls work together to give Nikki a blowjob that continues until he gives them a facial that knocks them both out. Smiling, the girls snowball their salty treat.

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