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Taking selfies of more and more shenanigans, Adel Morel is completely captivated by her camera. She doesn't really notice her when Katy Rose starts looking at her from behind the curtain until Katy shows up to surprise her. Grabbing Adel's phone, Katy scrolls through photos of her girlfriend's tits and pussy. Sliding her hand up to Adel's pussy, Katy makes it clear that she'd like to see more of what her girlfriend has to offer. She finds Adel's bare snatch nice and wet, definitely ready to play. Sliding two fingers down to her knuckles, Katy works to find Adel's G-spot so she can rub it over and over until Adel's back arches in pure bliss. Katy finishes off Adel with her tongue, licking fast and furiously at Adel's clit until her pussy throbs with pleasure. Taking Adel's hand, Katy leads her lover into the bedroom. She reveals Adel's tits and bends over to start sucking. Soon enough, Adel's nipples are hard peaks that Katy can play with her lips and tongue. Katy helps her out of her dress and then lets Adel treat her back. When Katy is nice and naked, she gets down on her knees to offer herself to her love. Adel starts by running her tongue up Katy's tight anus. She then moves lower, licking at Katy's meaty slit. When she's got Katy wet, she gets down on her knees and sticks two fingers deep inside. Katy grips the sheets as Adel brings her other hand up to rub her clit, creating a sensual assault double whammy. The girls change places between kisses, with Katy kneeling over Adel, who lies on her stomach. When Katy has kissed her way up Adel's body, she settles between her lover's thighs and continues to work with her mouth. She plays Adel like a beautiful instrument, using her fingers and mouth to bring Adel's passion to a peak. The girls rearrange to be in a 69 with Katy on top. Each one burying her face in the other's pussy. Caressing hands and languid licks keep the party going for each of them. Neither wants to stop until the other has reached the pinnacle of their pleasure. When they finally explore something new, it's Katy on her back with Adel enjoying one last ride between Katy's thighs. Body undulating with pleasure at Adel's pampering, Katy encourages her girlfriend with long sighs. Adel is relentless with his mouth, giving Katy everything until Katy's thighs collapse to hold Adel. S's head in just the right place as she explodes with one last climax.

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