Sex clip with Matty. Stepsister gets stuck


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Matty is having a self-indulgent night. Dressed in her favorite see-through bra and panty set, she gets ready to watch a movie. There's only one problem: she can't find the right remote. As she turns the couch upside down, Matty finds himself trapped between her cushions. Her stepbrother Hans finds her there, where Matty insists that he help free her. Hans agrees to help Matty, but instead of letting go of her hand, he begins to feel her behind. Matty answers at first, but she is in no position to tell him to stop. Plus, she likes how her stepbrother's big hands feel as she explores her curves. When Hans removes Matty's panties to slide her fingers up her slit, he finds it nice and wet. There's nothing to stop Hans from taking out his boner and thrusting it so he can do his hot stepsister doggy style. Matty can't hide how much she enjoys it, so Hans continues the party. He twists Matty so her leg is over her shoulder and he's fucking her from the side. Only then does he help her free herself from it. When Matty stays on his knees so her stepbrother can give him another doggystyle penetration, Hans doesn't hesitate. He flips Matty onto her back so he can give her a nice meal, then slips back into that velvet glove. With Matty's moans of pleasure filling his ears, Hans can't help but cum. He pulls back just in time to drive Matty's soft belly all over the place.

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