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Abella Danger, her stepbrother Logan Long, and their adoptive sister Gia Love are on a family vacation and have been promised a trip to the pool as soon as their parents get back. When Abella calls for the shower, Gia decides to put on her bikini right in front of Logan. Showing off her tits and her bald twat, the blonde convinces Logan to get naked as well. She can't hide her boner as she takes off her clothes, and Gia is stunned by the size of her! She jumping on the bed, she spreads her legs and starts rubbing her clit. Logan soon joins her in stroking her flesh as they enjoy mutual masturbation. Reaching out to Logan with the touch of her soft hands, Gia invites her foster brother to lick her pussy. He agrees to give her a treat, and moments later he has his face buried between Gia's thighs, where she moves her tongue until Gia's hips are thrusting with the delight of her climax. That's how Abella finds them. Abella freaks out when she finds her foster sister and her stepbrother fucking her, but she soon decides to join in on the fun as Logan's big cock is a temptation she can't resist. Leaning down to kiss Gia and suck on the nipples of her big tits, Abella bends down to start masturbating as she enjoys the show. As her body descends from the second climax, Gia drops to her knees and deepthroats Logan until she gives him a facial that nearly ruins the entire concert. she bed to fuck. She enjoys spoon sex until Abella wakes up and insists that this time she wants to be a part of the action. Initially, Gia forces her foster sister by going into town to eat her cream-filled pussy, eventually giving up her turn on Logan's cock to let Abella have a stiff ride that leaves her cumming. Resting her head on Abella's lap so the brunette can hold onto her ankles, Gia gets her shaved pussy pounded until Logan fills her with a creampie of her love.

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