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The lockdown has been tough for Eliza Ibarra and Freya Parker. They have spent a lot of time with their respective boyfriends, Damon Dice and Will Pounder, but have not had any other emotions. Now that they're back from their first double date together, the girls realize they're super horny and can't wait to celebrate that they're no longer cooped up in the house. The girls decide that the best way to unleash their wild side is to do a little swinging. Damon and Will don't know how to pull it off, but Eliza and Freya are determined. They attract guys with a deep and passionate girl kiss. The sexy possibilities of that kiss are more than enough to override any hesitation Will or Damon might have. They agree to let the ladies have their way. Each of the girls tastes the other's boyfriend in the kitchen. Their blouses magically disappear, and then each of the boys gets a chance to sample previously banned products. Will's mouth goes straight to Eliza's nipples like a magnet, while Damon can't keep his hands off Freya's beautiful tits. The girls let things pass the point of no return in the kitchen, then lead the boys into the bedroom so they can really unwind. On her knees on the bed, Eliza fills her mouth with Will's cock. As Eliza sucks off Will, Freya is on her back with Damon's tongue exploring her pussy. Freya's position allows her to reach out to caress Eliza's pussy, doubling her best friend's pleasure. Eventually, Freya gets down on her knees so she can stroke and suck Damon's cock as, behind her, Eliza spreads out on her back like a buffet for Will to feast on. Freya gets her first taste of her D when Damon rolls onto his back on the bed and lets her slide down cowgirl. Soon enough, Eliza is mirroring her best friend and boyfriend with Will's cock inside her. The girls ride in tandem as their breasts bounce to the beat. Leaning in to exchange a kiss, they switch partners. Now, Freya is on her back with Will buried inside her. Meanwhile, Eliza rides Damon in cowgirl. Leaning forward as she rides, Eliza swings her tits over Damon's mouth so her boyfriend can suck on her nipples while she continues her mutual party. The girls switch back so they can mirror each other's previous positions. Leaning towards Eliza, Will pumps her nice and hard with his boner. Meanwhile, Freya lets Damon know that she wants his hands on her ass while he licks her nipples. As the guys are about to cum, the girls get down on their knees with Will continuing to fuck Eliza and Damon fucking Freya. They continue doggy style until both guys pull back to cover their respective partner with semen. When everyone comes down from their orgy, the couples agree that swapping is a lot of fun.

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