Sexy Video Clip of Casey Calvert. An anal adventure


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275   5 months ago
This video features Casey Calvert who is stunning and enjoys all kinds of kinky bdsm play. He starts the scene with his hands tied behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth as I spank her, tease her pussy with a hitachi, and finally open her pantyhose to lick her ass. I keep spanking her and licking her ass until I get her on her knees and fuck her mouth, slap her face and tease more of her pussy. Once she's really hot, I start fucking her ass and then her pussy, slowly going back and forth as she begs for him to cum. We have rough and passionate sex in lots of positions all over the couch as she cums several times and we kiss. I eventually pull out an anal speculum and spread her ass open to show how big she can gape. The scene ends with me fucking Casey with a hitachi to her clit until she cums and I cum off her and cum on her.

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