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Dick Chibble is very proud of his stepdaughter Lola Fae and can't stop bragging about her to his friend. As soon as her stepdad leaves the room, Lola offers to show off her titties with her heart-shaped tattoos around her nipples. Then she starts rubbing her trimmed pussy. Her stepfather's friend apologizes however he can, leaving Lola alone with Dick. When Lola starts making advances to her Dick, he decides to show her what it's like to be with an older man by sticking his cock in her mouth so he can deepthroat her. . She sucks it like a vacuum, and once Dick is satisfied, he puts Lola on the table so she can lick her clit while she finger pokes her creamy fuck hole. Lifting one leg, he slams her petite stepdaughter's twat to slap her pussy. Pinning Lola against the wall, Dick grabs her from behind as she tries her best to contain her moans. Then he sits on a chair and pulls her over him so she can enjoy a stiff ride on her tight little pussy until he explodes inside her with a big creampie of cum. Just as Lola jumps off Dick's lap, her friend comes back to catch them in the act.

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