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Scarlett Sage puts on makeup and tries on horny clothes while admiring her fledgling teen body in the mirror. Johnny Castle finds her in the middle of her fantasy and tries to talk some sense into her. When her words aren't enough, he bends her over her knee to give her a spanking, which Scarlett finds she loves. She can also feel Johnny getting hard, which only stimulates her sexual need. When Johnny discovers that her spanking is making Scarlett's bare pussy nice and wet, he tries to tune out, but now Scarlett is on the prowl. She drops to her knees and pulls out of her stiffness and wraps her painted lips around the head of her cock. consumed by lust, Johnny lets Scarlett have her way and then gets her on her hands and knees so he can admire her bright red ass as he fucks her from behind. Scarlett is happy to take a turn working for her own pleasure when she climbs on top of Johnny for a cowgirl ride into her bare hole that leaves her arching her back and moaning in pleasure. She gives him a short blowjob to keep him interested and then spreads her legs so he can turn her on one last time. Making Scarlett cum is almost more than Johnny can handle, and only a moment after her he pulls away from her and gives her a facial that covers her made-up face in a shower of cum.

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