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Carmen Caliente is willing to admit that she is addicted to twerking, and her mother and stepbrother have decided to intervene. When Carmen joins her family for what she thinks is a twerk audition, she shows off a lot of attitude before sitting down. Logan pleads with Carmen, telling her that she's making him feel weird down there. It soon becomes clear that Carmen lied, so Logan confronts her saying that she is making his dick hard. She responds by twerking backwards until she's fucking her boner as she rotates her hips. Bouncing from side to side, Carmen fucks her stepbrother with all the fire of her Latin blood. Her miniskirt rides up around her waist as Logan grabs her bottom. She doesn't stop bouncing that booty until Logan cums on her greedy pussy. That sets a precedent that Carmen can twerk all she wants as long as she takes care of Logan's needs. After giving Logan a lap dance that makes her ass jiggle, Carmen slides on her stepbrother's fuck stick to give him a stiff ride. Then she lays back on the couch with one thigh in the air so he can continue pounding her cock-hungry fuck hole. Once Carmen's needs are finally met, she gets down on her knees to give Logan a swollen lip blowjob and handjob until he rewards her with a hot cum facial just before Carmen's mom finds them.

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