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Veronica Leal and Rebecca Volpetti are enjoying some flirty text messages as Rebecca heads home. Veronica decides to sweeten the pot when she tells Rebecca that she will start without her. Grabbing a vibrator and taking off her panties and top, Veronica makes good on her promise. When Rebecca walks in, she finds Veronica lying on the couch in the middle of masturbating. Setting the vibrator aside, Veronica motions for Rebecca to join her. Rebecca is overdressed, so Veronica starts by removing her shirt, pants, and her girlfriend's thong between sizzling kisses. Veronica then sits Rebecca on the couch between her thighs, making it easy for her to wrap her arms around her girlfriend and rub her clit before thrusting her fingers deep into the cream filled center. of Rebecca. The finger sex is fast and furious as Rebecca practically melts in his arms. However, when Rebecca peaks her once, the blonde insists on giving her redheaded lover a taste of her own medicine. Urging Veronica to her hands and knees, Rebecca walks in for a pussy feast and then finishes Veronica off with her magic fingers. Turning her back, Rebecca once again finds Veronica between her legs as she pulls her knees back to spread herself wide. Veronica focuses on oral pleasure this time, sweeping the flat of her tongue up and down Rebecca's pussy as Veronica moans in pleasure. When she finally gets back to fingering her, Veronica finds Rebecca dripping with blatant sexual need. There is only one way to make things better for both of you: since Rebecca is already on her back and open for business. Veronica climbs on top of her and presses clit to clit with her girlfriend. Riding Rebecca's snatch, Veronica grinds her hips to create the perfect amount of friction for each of them. She doesn't stop until Rebecca is moaning and on the verge of another climax. Rebecca decides to end things the way they started, grabbing a toy and snuggling Veronica in her arms. She presses the vibrator against Veronica's clit, only switching to oral stimulation at the last moment. Veronica is bursting with pleasure, but she won't end her lovemaking session until she's used the vibrator to return the orgasmic favor to Rebecca one last satisfying time.

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