Erotic download with Nina Kay. You could also get me pregnant


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123   6 months ago
Busty Nina Kay wants a baby and her husband won't give it to her. She's feeling pretty sad about the lack of bread in the oven, but when she realizes that her stepson, Oliver Flynn, is having unprotected sex with her girlfriend, she gets an idea. She waits a few days and then goes into action. Wearing a super sexy outfit, she corners Oliver and throws him on his bed. Pulling out Oliver's cock, she insists that Oliver raise her and get her pregnant since her father won't. With her boner already in Nina's hands, Oliver isn't about to say no to a proposal like that. He lets Nina stroke his cock a few times to get him ready. It's not long before Oliver's hot busty mommy pulls up her miniskirt and climbs aboard the express to make babies. Her massive breasts are there for him to grasp as they bounce to the rhythm of Nina's rocking motion. Turning around to ride Oliver in reverse cowgirl, the thick babe also gives her stepson an A+ view of her big ass. Nina gets off the D to get down a bit as she revs up for another round of orgasms. Stroking the root and sucking on the tip, she makes sure to keep Oliver rock hard for both of their pleasure. Dropping to her knees, she lets Oliver know that she's ready for more, begging him to put her back in her. Oliver is happy to indulge and fuck her stepmom in doggy style, then flip her over and give it to her while she lays on her back and continues to scream for more of her cock. When Oliver is ready to cum, Nina moans for him to give her sperm. He is happy to please, delivering a creampie that Nina is very hopeful will get her pregnant.

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