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79   6 months ago
Blonde bombshell Naomi Nevena approaches her man Thomas Long with great confidence, running her fingers through the bra that hugs her perfect breasts and then slowly removing it in a short but provocative striptease that can only have one conclusion. Climbing on top of her man, Naomi licks her way down her body to the hardness of her stiff cock. Wrapping her swollen lips around her tip, she begins a blowjob that uses her hands, tongue and warm mouth to bring her boyfriend's passion to a fever pitch. Not to be outdone, Thomas lures his wife into a soon to be 69 that allows them both to go to town licking and sucking each other's treats. Thomas buries her face in Naomi's soft pussy, enjoying the vibrations of her moans around her hard cock. Moving on from her delicious foreplay, Naomi creeps forward and slides her tight, dripping cunt over Tomas' cock reverse cowgirl style. She rides him slowly at first, establishing a gentle rhythm that gradually picks up as she moves her hips to drive them both crazy. Naomi loves how her first position feels, but she desperately needs her man to hit her G-spot, so they switch doggy style. As soon as the blonde drops to her hands and knees and she feels her man's hard cock fill her needy pussy, where he hits the right spit, her moans are loud and urgent. Thomas responds, giving his wife the hard penetration in her pussy that she craves. Switching to missionary, Thomas uses short, quick strokes of his cock to hit Naomi's G-spot over and over until she flies to pieces in his arms, pulsing and throbbing around his cock as she climaxes. After a few more moments of going to town with Naomi's luscious pussy, Thomas reaches the limit of his endurance as well. Pulling out of her, he sprays her load of cum onto the blonde's tanned breasts and belly in a shower of love that leaves her smiling and happy.

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