Alexis Brill MPEG clip. Ready My Love 3


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67   8 months ago
Alexis Brill takes a shower in the pool shower before carefully walking to the locker room where she changes into a sundress. That's the perfect outfit to meet Matt Denae, who absolutely appreciates every inch of Alexis's slim body. They're soon kissing on the couch as Matt's hands run up Alexis's long legs and up under her miniskirt. Once he finds out that Alexis isn't wearing any underwear, Matt knows he can't stay away from her. He gives Alexis's pussy a little massage and then gently lays her down and spreads her thighs apart so he can give her the love she deserves from her with long laps of her tongue on her tender folds. . Finding her clit, he focuses on that point of sexual need until she gasps for air and rubs her own sensitive breasts for additional stimulation. Putting her fingers into action to plunge in and out of Alexis's fuck hole is the last straw that leaves her throbbing and gasping for more. As her body calms from her first trip to Pleasure City, Alexis kneels down and lovingly caresses Matt. off. Leaning forward, she gasps and clamps her swollen lips around her dickstick. Her initial slow caresses gradually lead to a longer and deeper sucking as she works her way up to a blowjob so luscious that Alexis can't stop one of her hands from masturbating her pussy. Motioning for Matt to join her as he lies on her side, Alexis spreads her legs so he can snuggle up to her and penetrate her from behind. Her thick cock is just what the brunette sex kitten needs to be satisfied. The faster he fills her up, the louder she moans with excitement. Getting up on her hands and knees to switch things up, Alexis eagerly takes a doggy style pussy pounding that leaves her meowing as her needs are gradually satisfied. and she opens her legs asking for more. She maintains a steady rocking motion for as long as it takes for Alexis to cum one last time, leaving her boneless with satisfaction. She's not about to let Matt go unsatisfied after playing stud so well, so while his body continues to throb, she sucks him off with lots of stroking action until he explodes in her mouth to give her the salty taste she's really had. livestock.

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