Romantic erotica by Emma Hix. Distracting dad


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140   11 months ago
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140   11 months ago
Ryan Driller is too busy studying for the bar exam to take shit from his stepdaughter. When Emma Hix decides to play loud music to practice DJing while Ryan studies, Ryan tells her to turn the volume down. Emma insults him and taunts him with her certified nubile body, but Ryan leaves. Emma isn't about to accept her dad rejecting her, so she turns the music up loud again and then pulls her titties out of her shirt to really entice Ryan. Ryan is trying hard to rebuff his stepdaughter's advances until Emma points out her hard cock. Practically before Ryan notices her, Emma is on her knees with hers stiff in her mouth. She is masterful at sucking dick, which leaves Ryan too turned on to say no when Emma turns around and offers her big booty to get her pussy fucked doggy style. Ryan fills his daughter's hands on his ass as Emma rocks in time to meet each stroke. When Ryan takes Emma's place on the bench, her horny stepdaughter climbs on her fuck stick to ride it in her tight little pussy. Her bald snatch throbs as she turns to ride Ryan reverse cowgirl style until she cums. Emma then trades places with her stepdad so he can fuck her until she creampies her greedy pussy.

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